Ruihai Youngblood

Ruihai in Prospect Park.
I grew up in France and moved to the United States in 2017. Outside work, find me skateboarding, reviewing coffee, and fostering cats.

I’m a full-stack, discovery-to-release product designer with eight years of experience across government, healthcare, and ecommerce platforms.

In all these industries, I’ve witnessed tons of waste and wasted potential: products that should have never been built, by orgs that blindly deliver stakeholder requests instead of user and business value.

I believe designers must reduce waste and de-risk products, and that anyone can take on this design role. As a result, I love mentoring junior designers, advocating for user interviews, and running lean experiments.

Day-to-day, I work closely with product + engineering to represent user needs and to make sure we're building the right thing. I’m always testing products for usefulness, usability, and inclusivity.

If you would like to chat about my design process, contact me on LinkedIn.