Ruihai Youngblood

I'm a lead product designer at Flatiron Health focused on lean UX. I teach others how to be user-centered and content-driven in their approach to design. Currently building continuous research practices, machine learning user interactions, and better prototypes.

Featured Projects

Machine Learning

I'm currently improving the quality and speed at which structured data on cancer patients is produced. Designing for change introduced by new machine learning workflows.
Available soon!

Provider Credentialing Systems

Through microservices and data-driven design, improved core credentialing software in months instead of years.

National Airspace System Status

Designed an accessible, useful dashboard for schedulers and pilots. Enabled the FAA's first product team.

"My Account" & Loyalty Programs

Made a better points progression system and bridged a marketing-tech gap through weekly user research.

Smaller Projects

Lean experiments solutions
React components for a directory.